A compilation of road-tested recipes from years of college football tailgating, across the South. 

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Birthday Dinner Al Fresco

My brother is coming in town ON his birthday so I'm throwing him a little dinner party for 11 members of our family. The weather should be nice and that means we're eating outdoors by the pool. I think food just tastes better outside don't you? This pork is devine!...

A Lobster Roll dinner with family

We are starting the weekend early over here with my brother and sister-in-law an my niece who are arriving from out of town this afternoon. Today is my brother's actual birthday, and while I have a birthday party planned for hime with a larger group of family members...

Italian Meatball Dinner

I was craving Italian (again), and Elizabeth Minchilli came to the rescue (again). Sometimes you just HAVE to have Italian food! Well for me it's more frequent than not. But I digress. These meatballs were served to Elizabeth Minchilli by her Italian Mother-in-law,...

Father’s Day 2020

Big Father's Day this year! Not only is my husband (aka "Pops") celebrating being the fabulous father that he is, he's also celebrating being a Grandfather for the first time! Our daughter gave birth to a precious baby boy in April, and we have done nothing but enjoy...

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