A compilation of road-tested recipes from years of college football tailgating, across the South. 

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EASTER 2019!

It's Easter weekend!  So excited to have my adult "kids" over with their spouses for an Easter dinner this year.  The weather looks to be fabulous so we'll spend much time outdoors.  I've planned a menu with some old family favorites as well as some new...


I LOVE salads!  I probably have salad 5 times a week throughout the year, but THIS salad is my favorite hands down.  I adore avocados, blue cheese, lemon vinaigrette and arugula.  Combine those ingredients with rotisserie chicken and applewood smoked...

One of my favorite dinners…

I've been preparing this meal for my family and friends for what seems like forever.  But it's (to me) the greatest combination of flavors: garlic, soy, ginger and brown sugar.  It's a snap to prepare, and it's perfect for a tailgate or other party you're hosting! And...


lovethispic.com It's the holiday season!  It's my ALL TIME FAVORITE time of the year!  Once I've gotten presents picked out, purchased and wrapped under the tree, it's then time to plan out meals for the days that I'm with family.  All the fun starts on CHRISTMAS EVE...

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I’m a wife, mom, dog lover, blogger and love cooking, blogging, volunteering, antiquing, traveling, reading, and working out – and of course EATING really good food. I especially relish planning and preparing delicious food for friends and family to enjoy.


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