A compilation of road-tested recipes from years of college football tailgating, across the South. 

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Summer Snacks

It's July and it is HOT in the south! Looking for cool dishes that are cool, delicious without overly filling you up. We had some friends over recently that were visiting from Atlanta and here's what we served: SHRIMP AVOCADO SALSAJALAPENO DIPBRIE PROSCIUTTO CROSTINI...

Pulled Pork Carnitas

In the mood for Mexican food? I've got your answer: Pork Carnitas! I love that you can make these in advance, refrigerate them, and the simply reheat quickly before serving. They're perfect perfect perfect for tailgating or any kind of entertaining whatsoever. PORK...

Summer Al Fresco Dinner

It's summertime which means it's my favorite season of the year! While some love cooler temps, I'd prefer to not worry about whether or not I've got the right coat or wrap or sweater on. For me, sun, warmth, and being by the water = happiness. We recently had a family...

Kentucky Derby Dinner

We had the pleasure of hosting family to celebrate a few birthdays recently: our son in law as well as my father. We all gathered on Derby Day, so I decided we'd throw a surprise Derby party. The dinner party was a huge success, and the food turned out great. I...

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