BOURBON SLUSH PUNCH (Adapted from Smitten Kitchen)

This recipe comes from one of my favorite bloggers. And the fact that it has OJ in it makes it an acceptable beverage for drinking in the morning – right? 😉 I’ll probably double or triple the recipe for my crowd at this week’s tailgate…
1 cup water
2 tea bags
1 cup bourbon
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 1/2 cups orange juice
6 TBSP lemon juice
16 to 17 oz. (about 5 cups of small pieces of ice) ice cubes
Mint sprigs or lemon slices, for garnish, if desired

Boil 1 cup water for tea. Add the tea bags and let steep until cool.

Discard the tea bags and set aside. Pour tea into a pitcher. Add bourbon, sugar, orange juice and lemon juice and refrigerate until needed.

To serve: Stir punch base. To make two liters of punch, add base and full amount of ice cubes to your blender, blending until the ice is crushed and slushy. For each individual glass of punch, place 1/2 cup punch base and slightly heaped 1/2 cup small pieces of ice and blend until slushy. Add an extra whole ice cube or two to glasses if desired. Garnish glass with a sprig of mint and/or slice of lemon.


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