CAIPIROSKA (Adapted from Bon Appetit)

This drink carries a lot of nostalgia for our family, as the 4 of us drank the concoction ALL over Italy a few summers ago.  It’ll be perfect for the hot weather!

1 lime, cut into 6 wedges (or use little key limes, quartered – they’re more flavorful and juicy!)
1 TBSP sugar (can use white granulated or brown here)
1/4 cup vodka
splash of club soda

Using a muddler or the handle of a wooden spoon, lightly crush lime and sugar in a 16-oz. mixing glass or a cocktail shaker to release juice (press limes just firmly enough to release juice but not bitter oil from the peel). Stir until sugar dissolves. ***THAT is key – DISSOLVING the sugar! Add vodka.
Fill an Old Fashioned glass halfway with cracked ice. Pour vodka mixture over ice, then pour entire mixture, including ice, back into mixing glass to gently mix drink. Return to Old Fashioned glass, and top off with some club soda.


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