I’m making this punch for a crowd and placing in these adorable drink “pouches” I found on Amazon here. It’s the PERFECT yellow/gold color for a Georgia Tech tailgate!

This recipe makes 6 pouches.  You can easily substitute vodka for the rum.  And you can make them up to 3 days in advance – just make sure they’re either refrigerated or frozen. I’ll multiply by 4 so, I’ll have at least 24 pouches for my tailgate crowd.

16 oz coconut or white rum (64 oz or 8 cups for my crowd)

8 oz pineapple juice (32 oz or 4 cups for me)

8 oz orange juice (32 oz or 4 cups for me)

4 oz lime juice (16 oz or 2 cups for me)

Throw all ingredients in a pitcher and stir.  Then pour the Jacket Juice into the drink pouches and seal.  Chill until ready to enjoy!


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