COWBOY BREAKFAST SANDWICHES (Adapted from Pioneer Woman)

These breakfast sandwiches are ridiculously good!  HUGE HIT at the tailgate!
Breakfast Sausage (I’m cutting corners/time and buying already cooked Jimmy Dean sausage patties)
1/4 cup half and half
S & P to taste
1 jar jalapeno peppers
Texas toast
Spread of choice (mayo, mustard)
Cheddar Cheese slices
Fry the breakfast sausage. While the sausage is frying over medium heat, crack a few eggs into a mixing bowl. Add the half and half and whisk together with salt and pepper. Flip the sausage and let it continue cooking until done. Drain some jalapeno peppers. Dump the peppers onto a very hot skillet or griddle and let sizzle for a few minutes. Then add a couple TBSP of butter for flavor. Continue cooking for a couple more minutes. Set aside.
In the same skillet or griddle, melt a couple more TBSP of butter and place a few slices of toast on top. Flip and add a bit more butter.
Remove the sausage once cooked, and drain most of the grease from the pan. Set sausage aside. If using already cooked sausage, add a TBSP of butter to the pan until melted. Pour the eggs into that skillet and with a spatula gently fold the eggs around, until cooked.
Once the Texas Toast is nicely grilled, spread whatever sandwich spread you’d like onto the bread. Top with a sausage patty, eggs, jalapenos and cheese. Top with another slice of toast, and then place the sandwich on the grill to heat all. ENJOY!

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