While this subject is not the FUN part of tailgating, it IS vital to a successful day. I created a rubbermaid bin that was my lifeblood each week. I affixed a list to the inside lid of everything that we could ever need/want, and I was religious about restocking the bin each time we depleted an item.

Here’s what we deemed necessary to our tailgating fun:

*Paper towels
*Heavy duty paper plates
*plastic silverware
*Clorox wipes (to wipe down grill, utensils, tables etc.)
*Trash bags
*At least 2 sharp knives
*Plastic serving spoons and forks
*Ziploc containers of various sizes that fit into each other
*First Aid Kit
*Small baggies
*Large baggies
*Tin foil
*Saran wrap
*Salt and pepper
*Stainless steel grill utensils (Spatula, tongs etc.)
*Off or Cutter
*Hand sanitizer AND wipes
*Flashlight (for those pesky night games)
*Plastic tablecloths

Beyond the bin:
*Portable gas grill with gas canister(s)
*Folding table(s)
*Stadium Chairs
*2 Coolers FILLED with ice!!!